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Cultivate Spring’s Positive Energy


Now that we’ve moved our clocks ahead by an hour, it’s time for our bodies to catch up!  Harnessing positive energy through the 4 easy ways below can help us join nature and renew our spirits at the same time.

Tap into spring’s energy of renewal and birth.  Cultivating positive energy is a great way to open yourself up for good things to come into your life as well as improve overall well-being and feel better too!  Here are 4 simple ways to create this energy around you, especially as winter gives way to spring:

  Best of all ~ Positive energy is contagious! 

Here are 4 simple ways to create this energy around you, especially as winter gives way to spring:

music_prayer1.  Listening to uplifting music is an easy way to move energy in a positive direction.  I coach my writers to listen to melodies while writing.It helps with concentration and gets their creative juices flowing.  Many artists have commented on how listening to music allows them lose all sense of time.
sunshine2.  Soaking in some sunshine is another simple way to become energized.  Fling open the blinds and/or curtains to your office and home.Better yet, take a walk while the sun is shining.  Studies have shown that 15 minutes of natural Vitamin D is a wonderful mood elevator.

flowers 3.  Envelop with yourself with uplifting scents and oxygenators.  Tap into spring’s vibrancy by bringing the outdoors inside.  Flowers can add a refreshing scent while indoor plants refresh a space.




4.  Like attracts like:  Cultivate friends who motivate, encourage and inspire you.  If they don’t, let them go.  As Oprah says:  “Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher.”

How much positive energy will you harness?

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