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Henry Winkler pic“Two cultures collide in a romantic brew of herbs and heart. Layne Wong creates a compelling tale.”

—HENRY WINKLER, Actor, Producer, Author

*   *   *

 “Layne Wong brings the world of late 1930s Shanghai alive with careful details that engage the senses. Her intriguing iris yamashita pictale, which weaves the stories of two lost souls, thoughtfully expresses the harmony of opposites—through living and dead, East and West, beauty and grit, war and romance, and science and mythology.”

—IRIS YAMASHITA, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Letters from Iwo Jima

 * * *

marlen suyapa bodden pic

“Layne Wong’s characters, especially her endearing heroine, Peilin, immediately drew me into her well-constructed plot, allowing me to time travel into a fascinating place and era about which I knew little before reading Shanghai Love.”

—MARLEN SUYAPA BODDEN, author of The Wedding Gift

 * * *

 “Peilin and Henri’s is a love story that spans cultures and eras, making Shanghai Love truly one for the ages.”

 m feldman pic2

—MICHAEL FELDMAN, radio host of “Whad’ya Know”, Public Radio International

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 “A dramatically beautiful book, Shanghai Love juxtaposes the sensitivity of Judaism and the Chinese culture against Hitlerian horrors. There are no easy solutions for the love affair enveloped by these highly-charged emotional dynamics. New surprises emerge throughout the story – an enthralling page-turner!”

rabbi zvi dershowitz—RABBI ZVI DERSHOWITZ, Sinai Temple, West Los Angeles CA

 *   *   *

amy hatvany pic “A beautiful, touching love story set against one of the most tragic times in history.  Layne Wong deftly takes us on a journey to forge our own identity beneath the weight of war, culture, and family ties.  A captivating read.”

—AMY HATVANY author of Best Kept Secret, Outside the Lines, Heart Like Mine

 *   *   *

“Author Layne Wong transported me to another world that is both familiar and distant.  Great job!”

amy hill pic     –AMY HILL, Actress, Director, Writer

*   *   *

“A timeless journey for the soul… the quiet yet bold Peilin casts her fate into uncharted waters. With the help of the caring Good Luck Lady, she cultivates her own identity.  May we all be so fortunate to find such a wise and loving ally.”

patricia miya pic     — PATRICIA MIYA, Writer

 *   *   *

“Layne Wong breathes life into the fascinating yet little-known history of the Chinese people and Jewish refugees during World War II.  Rich in detail, romance, and tradition, Shanghai Love is an amazing novel that deserves much recognition.”

xu xin3 — Professor XU XIN, writer and director, Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies at Nanjing University, People’s Republic of China




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