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2016 Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Monkey


February 2016


2016: Year of the Fire Monkey

Fasten your seatbelt! According to https://www.horoscope.com, February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017 — the Year of the Fire Monkey – brings the assertive and spontaneous energy of Fire to join the Monkey’s jubilant, curious, and innovative nature. Monkey, Rat, and Dragon natives nearly have to be nailed down in this exciting time. Opportunities and encouragement are everywhere. Big dreams are within grasp. This year’s energy ignites heated rivalry. Detailed preparation attracts success. Be prepared to work vigorously and stand up for what you deserve. The powerful March 8 Solar Eclipse inspires and affects many in a positive way, particularly Rabbit, Goat, and Pig natives, to dust off old dreams and reevaluate what’s possible. The more willing you are to courageously reconsider your comfort zone, make new friends, and put yourself out there, the better your returns, as the confident and impulsive Fire power meets the Monkey’s happy, inquisitive, and inventive nature. Check below to see how the year’s outlook can work to your benefit and for more detailed readings, go to https://www.horoscope.com.



Your animal’s year, is lucky for you, clear and straightforward. A Monkey with definite goals for the future set in February will enjoy greater achievement by year’s end. Fire can make you anxious. Be prepared for delays, or the necessity to revise your tactics between March and August. Hard work and attentiveness to detail will draw opportunities. March 8 and September 1 are important dates for any new start. Fire energy encourages exciting ideas and fervent confrontations. Expect surprising turns of fortune come October. Teamwork supports your interests. Displaying confidence and humility gets you noticed.



In the Year of Fire Monkey, the Rooster in a solid position to inspire others. March 8 is your power day for creating any fresh start. The Rooster represents rules, order, and common sense. You shine by upholding and sustaining these structures, particularly from March through August. Pioneering Monkey years can be stressful. It may seem that those around you are more irresponsible than usual. Monkey increases your ability to, organize, improvise, and prioritize, especially from October through January 2017. You’ll find diplomacy, teamwork, and an inclination to compromise will invite more opportunities than upholding the status quo.



The honest Dog enjoys an upsurge of self-assurance that elevates you into a natural leader during the year of the Monkey. The Dog radiates a positive energy others admire. This powerful magnetism makes a Dog unstoppable if you, or yours, are threatened. “Never met a problem I cannot overcome”… this kind of Monkey energy has the Dog bolting this way and that. You’ll be full of creative ideas and solutions, not all of which will be effective. Older guides will be especially helpful in steering your choices. March 8 and September 1 are Dog’s power days for a fresh start.



The year of the Fire Monkey for the Pig imparts an abundance of blessings on the sensual, honest, and strong-willed person born under this sign. Your determination, emotions, and yearnings are stronger than ever. You may feel as the year begins that anything is possible, and it is. The Monkey helps you pursue your dreams with a refusal to stop that puts others to shame. In a year when Monkey tricks are all around, the Pig will more easily recognize who is honest and who is not. March 8 and September 1 are both power days for a Pig to set a goal or make any fresh start.



The Rat and Monkey are great friends so teamwork and innovative ideas will open possibilities. Your well-deserved status as someone worthy of respect persists and grows. The March 8 New Moon/Total Eclipse can be a crossroads that demands a choice. Ambitious goals may stall in June. Rat natives may need to concede to what’s unfolding. Noticeable roadblocks are necessary teachings to help create a better future. By August some of your highest hopes seem more probable. Be flexible October through December as Monkey ingenuity ignites some real breakthroughs.



Ox and Monkey are opposite signs so the Ox will see periodic delays and unexpected challenges this year. The Monkey strengthens the Ox’s reliability, integrity, and independence. You’ll be impressive as Fire increases your already considerable confidence. Be malleable and amenable toward whatever comes your direction. Others’ shortcuts, schemes, deflections, and complications and appear with a Monkey year. Ox’s fixed element, Water, has authority over Fire. Have faith in yourself not go overboard or get crazy. Cautious good sense helps the Ox measure ideas matching to their practical applications. You’ll know the difference between friendly fantasy and life-transforming inspiration.



A Tiger’s roar and fearsome influence are on show this year. A Tiger enjoying a Monkey influence has amplified his or her charms and fortitude to win. You’ll eat challenges for lunch, and then come back for more. It’s your year to boldly carry out plans to save the world. March 8 and September 1 are particularly powerful days for any fresh start. It’s also an outstanding year for travel, if you’re interested. Joining forces with compatible friends will help give you a sense of proportion and outlook.



This year promises Rabbits an extra share of good luck, along with a few surprises. Popular Rabbits are known for their respectable manners and self-discipline. Chinese astrology considers your sign a luck magnet. No matter the task, have faith you’ll land on your feet. Rabbit’s calm exterior covers a complicated inner life. With the super-confident Monkey whispering in your ear, you may be tempted to excesses. Your best success will come through hard work and stamina in the face of frustration. Things really start to flow in your direction after the September 22 Equinox.



The Dragon and Monkey are great friends so with the Monkey energy in play, everything about the Fire-loving Dragon will be enhanced. Keep domineering tendencies in check or you may impair yourself, especially near the energy -packed March 8 Total Eclipse. Even magnificent ideas need teamwork to succeed. Luckily, the lively Monkey is nothing if not practical. With the Monkey helping, you’ll see things with more clarity. After some delays through July and August you’ll begin to sense you have really turned a corner after the September 1 New Moon. After that, delight in the ride!



For the snake, this Monkey year encourages you to be a nicer, gentler person. No matter how tightly coiled you feel, you’ll give the impression of calm… and that’s highly attractive to others. Snake’s ruling element, Fire, in a Fire year, means it’s time for a personal makeover. Monkey eases your guarded self-reliance. You’ll discover real gratification in opening up to people. The ambitious Monkey is practical like you, but much more outgoing. As part of a working unit, especially in the second half of the year, dreams actually can come true.



Horse natives will be especially dynamic and inventive this year. The March 8 Eclipse is your power day for new beginnings or a commitment to build a better future. Almost instantaneously after this, the Horse will be challenged to be persevering and mature when facing delays or frustrations over which you have little control. The Fire Monkey helps you control your temper and impatience. If you persevere and refuse to quit, things will open up by September 1. Expect the last quarter of the year to be especially rewarding!



This year, goats will have less reason to worry and any disappointments will seem more manageable. Busy Monkey cuts through vulnerable feelings with a flurry of forward-thinking, practical ideas. Your growing confidence and optimism opens doors and attracts new friends. March 8 and September 1 are especially lucky days to ask for help or start something new. Goats hate impulsive decisions, yet the quickness of Fire years requires more spontaneous thinking on your part. October may be particularly challenging… remember that a calm mind eases stress and brings health benefits as well.

How does your year ahead look?  Has anything happened so far, to confirm your Chinese Horoscope?

I’d love to hear your experiences or thoughts!






2015 sheep     2015:  YEAR OF THE SHEEP (GOAT)

Gun Hay Fat Choy!  February 19th marks the start of the Lunar New Year in Asian Countries.

2015 celebrates the year of the Goat or Sheep.  For more details, locate the year you were born (below) and read your horoscope as featured on the Astrology Club.




2015 2003 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943 1931

Although the affirmative capacity that stems from the fact that this is your year, you will have to win specific challenges in order to achieve positive destiny.

You will have to live discreetly, with eyes wide open, and handle any problems that arise.

But recognition will be yours as your future unfolds and your dreams, hopes and wishes fall into place. Don’t let your shy demeanor hold you back —accept the rewards being offered. Although doing so may be difficult for you, if you don’t take advantage of the generosity being offered, you may never get another chance.

Love:  In a year when you will not always get what you want, love and family will represent important support. Think more about maintaining what you have, than about conquering new domains.

Career: The star called Ornament appears in your destiny, which up to a certain point as a positive influence. This star holds a symbol of achievement but also of isolation, like the loneliness that hides behind the exteriors of the rich and famous.

Money:  There is not much good luck, but not necessarily bad luck. If you lead a regular life, with a careful and wise management of money, you will get to the end of the year with a positive balance.

Health: Although this is a good year for health, some stars point towards a tendency towards accidents, especially due to sharp objects.

MessageLET SLEEPING DOGS LIE — Any position that may be taken as a provocation should be avoided. Due to erroneous behavior, you could awaken negative reactions from people who may cause harm. If the mistake is avoided, the dog will continue to sleep peacefully and no injury will come your way.

  • Best months of the year 2015: July, August, September, October, November and December
  • What you should strive for in 2015: practicality in your everyday living
  • Your lucky numbers in 2015: 4, 17, 20, 24, 36, 38



2004 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944 1932

It’s time to be proud of your accomplishments. If you have been depending on others to pick up the tab or front your business ventures, that payment will be expected. As long as you execute your ventures well, you will not have to deal with any backlash from supporters.

Love: The star Pink Phoenix will bless marriages that are planned for this year, and will bring luck, in general, to everything that is related to love. It is also a great year to have children.

Career: You will be in the limelight. You may be promoted in your job or reach some other kind of success. The great challenge of the year will be, more than reaching success, being able to keep it and make the best of it. Especially during the second half, this year is auspicious for launching new projects. But be careful — You may have a court of false friends and flatterers waiting to take advantage of any slipup.  But if there is no effort and discipline, if they don’t establish precise and demanding goals for this year, the twelve months may pass without anything solid and concrete happening and remaining.

MoneyProtect your worldly possessions with caution.  However, in general you can prosper financially, especially during the second half of the year.

Health: A favorable year; still health must always be respected.

MessageUNDER THE HEAT OF THE SUN:  2015 brings a more favorable atmosphere than the year before.  This is due to the positive influence of two stars:  The Sun and the Pink Phoenix.  The Sun helps to solve problems and reach success; the second favors happiness.  But if there is no effort and discipline the year may pass without anything concrete happening.

Best months of the year 2015: January, February, March and November

What you should strive for in 2015: to be the best that you can be

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 1, 8, 15, 27, 31, 45




2005 1993 1981 1969 1957 1945 1933

If you leave things to chance, you’ll be placing yourself in a vulnerable situation. Don’t wait until you are forced into making a decision. Take the initiative and walk down a path of choice. You can make a comeback this year if you know what you want. Be prepared to make the sacrifices.

  • LoveYou will be lucky in all related to affection. You will always find someone who will understand and support and encourage you towards your goals. A good year for the beginning of a new love relationship or for marriage.

Career: You will have to know how to deal with difficulties and react intelligently, always trying not to mix up the essential with the secondary. Act with competence and uprightness, so that no one can exploit your weak spots and mistakes. There will be months of decompressing, in which progress will be easier and your merits recognized.

Money:  Money will arrive, but not as a consequence of any “genial idea”. It is very important that you have a wise and conservative strategy, especially around controlling expenses. If not, problems may arise that could eventually be serious.

Health: Health will generally be OK, that is, the body’s defenses will react vigorously to anything that might constitute a threat to health. But avoid accumulating stress, for that would disrupt the balance.

Message: HAVING PRECISE OBJECTIVES  The most negative star of the year is called Prison, and that constitutes an alert to abide by the law in a rigorous manner. The smallest mistakes may have a very high price to pay. On the other hand, the year of the Goat will represent a test to the Roosters’ self-confidence. If you resist the first conflicts of luck, everything will begin to run smoother, and you will reach the end of the year in great shape.

Best months of the year 2015: April, July, August, October and December

What you should strive for in 2015: a healthy attitude and the use of common sense

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 2, 16, 21, 28, 44, 47



1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 1934

This will be a year of more happiness than success.  Love, family life and money issues are more favored than your career.  The difficulties of the year of Goat 2015 will be related to the star called Threat of the Year, that points towards a tendency for conflicts with people and institutions. But the weight of the benign star the Moon will be more significant. It is the power of Yin energy. As the Moon light up the nights, so this star will brighten the human lives and destinies.You’ve always gotten by using your persuasive charm but this year it will take a little more effort. The true test of your creative ability will unfold this year if you give it your very best.  Sentimental life will be the best protected aspect. It may be the beginning of a new relationship, marriage, or simply a happy life, as the positive conjunction may have different kinds of manifestations.

Love:  Not only will love be good, all personal relations tend to evolve in a very interesting and constructive way.

Career: In this field things may not be as easy or simple. You will not overcome eventual obstacles by the use of force. Above all, it will be important to act with intelligence and not lose sight of the situation as a whole. You have to put first things first and not react under the effect of emotions.

Money: The best way of “attracting” money will be (as strange as it may seem) not doing anything special to get it. It will be enough to have the good sense of having well balanced finances, and expenses reasonably under control. This way opportunities will appear naturally and it will be just a question of managing them wisely.

Health: This will be another positive aspect of the year. But if there is stress, that may have a negative effect on health.

MessagePROTECTION OF THE MOON  In every situation, people born in the year of the Dog will gain from listening to more experienced people. An enlightened intelligence and a sharp intuition will allow them to, not only feel danger from a distance and avoid it, but also discover and obtain what is good.

What you should strive for in 2015: harmony and balance in all relationships

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 11, 13, 29, 31, 36, 44


pig2007 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947 1935

This year there are several “malignant stars” appearing in the destiny of the Pig, and they might be the origin of problems.  The year ahead will take you in a new direction that promises a better future and a happier existence. With knowledge as your objective, the outcome will lead to professional changes and expansion.

Love: There is a great predisposition for conflict, and if that tendency is not fought back it will certainly give rise to problems, which may be serious. For those who are not married, the natural harmony existing between the energies of the Goat and the Pig will have a much clearer effect. That may take up the form of a sentimental relationship, which will change everything.

Career: Despite the difficulties that will probably occur, the prediction is that you will end up victorious, if that is your desire. It is important that you don’t rush ahead, and analyze the situations with a cool head before reacting. Try to understand what is really going on. Besides, the star Pointing to the Back suggests that there is vigilance towards enemies that don’t show their face, and who, because of that are much harder to fight.

Money: Eventual financial problems will probably be the reflection of difficulties that were found in other areas. Wise management of money will be enough to reach the end of the year with a positive balance.

Health: An eventual threat to your health will be more related to intense emotional states, and your subsequent inner tension. Fighting stress and leading a healthy life will be enough to keep the body and the mind in shape.

Message: THE POWER OF INNER STRENGTH  The astrologer Rocky Sung says that, however black the situation looks you must keep your self-confidence and the will to win. Victory will be waiting for you after the storm blows away, so it would be a crime to give up. Like we said before, the benign star The Three Pillars will be valuable and important help.

Best months of the year 2015: July, September, October, November, and December

What you should strive for in 2015: pleasing yourself in every aspect of life

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 1, 13, 21, 28, 33, 40




2008 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948 1936

The year ahead will be a marked with improvement, but some upheavals can be expected. The limitations will lift, however your success will be based on the level of commitment you give to whatever it is you wish to pursue. As long as you don’t expect everything to drop in your lap, you will make gains.The second half of the year tends to be better, especially in professional matters.  Changes are likely to take place swiftly and without much notice but you always do best when met with an element of surprise. Adventure is just around the corner.  Despite the global positive balance, you should not expect that a year without any difficulties. There are several “negative stars”, which constitute an alert for eventual and unexpected problems.

Love: Younger people, and those not yet committed to a stable relationship, may have an interesting year. Your attractiveness will be highlighted and some affairs may occur, although it is highly unlikely that any of them will last. For other, you should try to improve your relationship within your marriage and family.

Career: It is very important that you pay attention to your relationship with co-workers and professionals in general. This will be your Achilles’ heel in this year. If you don’t treat eventual problems that may arise, you may have a high price to pay for later on. There is the danger of ending up isolated. The second half of the year this situation will improve and clear up.

Money: In this area there are astrologers who point to the appearance of a star called Gradual Breakdown. Its symbolism is related to the importance, in agriculture, of a good management of water for the irrigation of cultivated land. Here, water symbolizes money and the existing resources. If there isn’t a wise and careful management, all the best you have maybe reduced to almost nothing by the end of the year. This can be avoided if you stay alert.

Health: This is the strongest aspect of 2015 for you. Health problems are unlikely, and the body will have strength enough to react vigorously before whatever tries to disturb its natural balance.

Message: A BETTER YEAR  This year, you will have the star Lunar Virtue supporting you. It will be important, especially in crisis situations, to pay attention to other people’s feelings. If you do that, you will develop an exceptional ability to influence other people, which is half way to solving their problems.  2015 will be in general better than the previous. Although moderate, there will be more progress.

Best months of the year 2015 for Rat: January, February, May, July and December

What you should strive for in 2015: the freedom to follow your heart

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 5, 12, 17, 24, 31, 42


ox2009 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 1937

In the traditional Chinese philosophy the ends meet, and what is very negative holds inside the possibility of being positive.It may take the better part of the year to accomplish what you are trying to do but the end result will be in your favor.Focus, determination and following through with your plans will be a must if you want to reap the reward during the last quarter of the year.  Patience will be required on your part and you mustn’t be discouraged by any minor setback. If you complain or become nervous about the way things are going you will lose ground.  Patience will be required on your part and you mustn’t be discouraged by any minor setback. If you complain or become nervous about the way things are going you will lose ground.

Love: You will be more attractive and magnetic than usual. Eventual problems that may occur in this area will be more due to excess than due to default. Marriage and family life will be protected in 2015.

Career: Progress may be difficult in 2015. You may have the feeling that your efforts are worthless. In fact the most appropriate way of solving problems is not with effort, but with a careful and intelligent performance. Be discreet and try to improve your relationship with other people.  Like we said before, the situation may turn into a positive one in an instant.

Money: Even though you may feel a lot of pressure, don’t commit illicit or unlawful actions. You run the risk of paying too high a price for the smallest mistake. If you avoid risk investments or unusual initiatives, the year-end balance will be positive.

Health: The biggest danger in 2015 is that, in situations of great tension, health may become a weak link. That means this aspect of life should be a priority. If you lead a healthy life, both physical and mentally, you will feel stronger and that will enhance your ability to turn problems into opportunities.

Message: A YEAR OF CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES  The star Tail of the Leopard appears your fate. To step on the tail of the leopard, unadvertedly or not, means the fiercest ferocity will awake and turn against you. Due to the influence of this star, you should avoid provoking people or institutions.

Best months of the year 2015 for Ox: April, August, September, October, November and December

What you should strive for in 2015: gathering information and putting it to good use

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 3,16,24,30,39,44


tiger2010  1998  1986  1974  1962  1950  1938

At first glance, the energies of the Tiger and the Goat do not combine. The Goat is related to the peaceful development of life where extremes are avoided. The Tiger has a predisposition for great challenges and a radical approach to life. If you are a Tiger, 2015 may seem slow, dragging and uninteresting.  But with the passing of the months you will realize things are not quite like that. On the contrary, the year could become constructive and positive. The harder you try, the more you’ll achieve.The chaos of the past is coming to an end and although nothing ever runs smoothly in your life, there will be fewer surprises this year. You should concentrate on finishing what you start and broaden your creative horizons. You can count on others for help this year so don’t hesitate to ask for favors.  The very people that you approach will not only give you the support you need but will bring knowledge, ideas and cash to the table. Your cash should be put away for safekeeping this year.

Love: The star Heavenly Happiness symbolizes joy in marriage and a cheerful family. Its influence benefits sentimental life. If you are a single Tiger, the expectation of a new relationship or marriage will always be present.

Career: This is a clearly positive year, due, among other reasons, to a star which symbolism is linked to the so called “Flower of the Emperor”, that is said to have been planted inside the Forbidden City. It represents social superiority. This star’s appearance in your destiny points to the probability of a job promotion and the ability to deal with difficulties and controlling situations.

Money: The star Sudden Collapse in your destiny signals prudence. Its symbolism is connected with the image of a building collapsing from the lack of solid foundations. That is, if the fundamentals of projects and businesses aren’t solid enough, they may end up collapsing due to the slightest accident. Risk investments should be avoided.

Health: Your physical and mental health will be one of your best assets this year. Feeling stronger, you will face life in a more positive way. The rest (namely good luck) will come along.

Message: THE MAGIC OF SUCCESS According to the famous astrologer Rocky Sung, the magic word for you this year will be “concentration”. You will almost everything you yearn for through a correct mental attitude and activation of creativity.  But don’t go to the extreme and let yourself go blind because of your own ambition. That would be destroying the magic.


Best months of the year 2015: February, March, June and November

What you should strive for in 2015: being serious and truthfulness

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 4,17,23,30,33,41


rabbit2011  1999  1987  1975  1963  1951  1939

2015 is clearly a favorable year you. You should make an effort not to let this potentially excellent period pass by without taking advantage of this opportunity.

The fact that good things begin to happen – even though they are not a product of personal effort but only of good fortune – will have a positive effect on your psyche, and that in turn will improve situations even more.

You will finally start to feel good again. Things will open up and your achievements will be plentiful. You will have added discipline and the way you handle things will bring about positive changes as long as you pay proper attention to small but important details.

The obstacles that you faced in the past will no longer plague you; you can coast along with ease. All the years you have spent helping others will now bring you the rewards you deserve.

Love:  Focus on preserving what you already have, more than on trying anything new.

Career:  2015 is a particularly auspicious year, excellent to launch a new project or business.

Money:  2015 is a good year for transactions and investments. The business intuition will be finely tuned.

Health:  Health itself won’t be a problem. But there is some predisposition for accidents, especially those related to water.

MessageA FAVORABLE YEAR  Even though the balance is clearly positive, there are still a lot of negative stars in the destiny of Rabbits for this year.  That means not everything will be a rose garden, but you must never loose heart in difficult moments, for soon everything will be positive again.  Even so, this will be a year for all things except to stand still. The more involvement there is in the action, the more possibilities you will have of living an unforgettable year full of events.

Best months of the year 2015: April, July, September, October, and December

What you should strive for in 2015: greater self-confidence and powerful attitude

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 19,22,28,35,42,47


dragon2012  2000  1988  1976  1964  1952  1940

Sit back and take a bit of a breather during 2015. Stick to what you know best and complete whatever it is you’ve been working on but don’t start new ventures.  You will gain the most doing what is hardest for you to do: finishing what you’ve already started. Grant yourself that much-needed vacation.

Love:  The most significant threat in this field is the presence of the star Isolated Living. Its symbolism stems from the punishment that was inflicted, on ancient China, on those who acted against law and tradition – they were isolated from their family.  This star points to the need of paying due attention to others, and to expressing affection.

Career:  Your creative and innovating attitude will attract success, but you need to keep within the boundaries of what is reasonable.  Often the road to success will not be what you had imagined, but acting according to what is possible.  You may have to make some concessions now, so that later they can be rewarded with solid success.

Money:  Be wise.  The atmosphere of success will inevitably bring financial benefits.  But if you are not careful with your expenses, or if you make risky investments, you may reach the end of the year with a negative balance.

Health:  In many moments of the year you will live intensely, and you won’t always adhere to the basic principles of a healthy life. This will be your weakest link.  Make an effort to pay attention to your health.

Message: COURAGE AND SUPERIORITY  Beyond the great projects, professional or not, that mobilize your personal energies and creativity, don’t forget the human side of life. Namely the time we “waste” or “lose” with other people may not be immediately productive, but constitutes in itself a form of enrichment.

Best months of the year 2015: February, May, August and November.

What you should strive for in 2015: completion and accumulation.

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 1, 12, 22, 27, 41, 44


snake2013  2001  1989  1977  1965  1953  1941

The road to success and happiness is linked to an attitude focused on fulfilling your own tasks, solving your own problems, and avoiding issues that are specifically other people’s affairs.

Be careful with delivering criticism, for it may receive a bad reception.

The great card of the year is the appearance of the star Travelling Horse, that points to the possibility of voyages that will change life positively. Contacts abroad should be looked upon as positive and welcomed with arms wide open.

2015 will be also a year of cultivating and nurturing relationships that can be of use to you in the future. For now it’s a year to contemplate and let things settle down. You will have no need to rush and no need to feel anxious. For you the coast is clear to enjoy yourself for a change. Don’t get too comfortable, however. Trouble may be brewing at home where you least expect things to go wrong.

Love:  Don’t expect too much in this aspect. If anything positive is about to happen, it will occur spontaneously, and not by force.  On the other hand, relationships with other people (in marriage, family or friendship) should be as healthy and as natural as possible. It is convenient that any tension that arises will be immediately solved by an honest and enlightening conversation.

Career:  Follow a conservative and defensive strategy, and think more about preserving what you already have than about conquering new territories.  Progress and positive things will happen mostly due to hazard and good fortune, and not so much to effort.  In general the year is not favorable to launching new projects or taking initiatives, except if you are connected with foreign countries.

Money:  If you chose to lead a regular life, in which each month’s income is always greater than the expenses, there will be no problems.  But everything will be much more complicated if expenses are not under control or if there is the temptation of making large investments.

Health:  Health will be your strongest asset in 2015. You should be aware of that and make the most of their physical and psychological well-being.

Message:  A TIME FOR TRAVELLING  It is believed that those of you born in the year of the Snake hold a strange magical power.  Some even think that one of the greatest challenges for you is learning how to deal with that inner strength. If you’re able to tune in with it, you can work miracles; if not, inexplicable problems will begin to arise.

If you realize you are after something, then you’re not in tune with your power.  But if you simply wait for what you deserve to come to you, miracles will begin to happen.

Best months of the year 2015: April, July, August, September and December

What you should strive for in 2015: power in your personal life

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 3, 6, 17, 25, 32, 40
Horoscope 2015: DREAMS COME TRUE

HORSE (East) –  GEMINI (West)

horse2104  2002  1990  1978  1966  1954  1942  1930

The Horse is a sign of action and adventure, but its natives don’t often have the objective and subjective conditions to give free rein to their freedom philosophy and enjoy life.  This year everything tends to be in position and many of your dreams can come true.

Opportunities will abound, your qualities will be recognized and your actions welcomed. True, there will be problems and obstacles, but this year’s positive energy will allow you to overcome them easily.

You’ve come a long way and it’s time to stand up be counted. Make those moves you’ve been thinking about or plan that special getaway. The coast is finally clear and your versatility will enable you to get the most out of life.

Love:  People born in the year of the Horse are passionate and emotional by nature.  If you’re not currently in a relationship, this year will bring a lot of news. If you’re married, it will be a lively period, but maybe somewhat confused, for emotions will be running wild.

Career:  Two important and powerful favorable stars appear in your destiny in 2015, bringing you popularity, support from friends and colleagues, and the conditions to take your projects ahead.

The danger that exists is that the success atmosphere may turn against you. To avoid that happening you must make an effort to keep the most discreet attitude possible, and be alert to the feelings of jealousy that will certainly flourish around you.

Money:  The favorable atmosphere of the year will bring financial benefits, namely those stemming from a good professional situation.  However, Chinese astrologers advise you not to push your luck, and to try to avoid earning money through gambling or speculation.  Also, control your expenses.

Health:  The star called Spell of Sickness recommends that special attention should be paid to health-related issues.  With the liveliness of the year, you may have the tendency to neglect this essential aspect of life.

MessageDREAMS COME TRUE It is undisputedly a (potential) year of good luck, but that doesn’t mean that success and happiness are automatically guaranteed.  The cornerstone of Chinese astrology is balance. This means, too much good luck may also be a problem, if it’s not properly dealt with. The reins of good fortune must be under control, so that it doesn’t become unmanageable, or even destructive.

Best months of the year 2015: February, May, June and December

What you should strive for in 2015: security and future prospects

Your lucky numbers in 2015: 8, 19, 26, 30, 37, 41

May you have a wonderful year!



Year of the Horse


Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones much joy, good health and prosperity in 2014.

I have much to share about this exciting Year of the Wood Horse, but first, I’d like to let you know about some fun upcoming events!


booked in burbankOn Thursday evening, January 16th I’ll be speaking at Book’d in Burbank.  Doors open at 7:30pm at Theater Banshee, 3435 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank CA 91505.  General Admission is $10 (Tickets can be purchased at the door – cash only).


Then Sunday January 26th @ 4pm, I’ll be at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena for Local Author Day!  Admission is FREE.  Come join us for a lively talk and discussion.  Address:  695 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena 91001.  Bonus FYI:  Vroman’s now carries Shanghai Love!


green horse  According to the Chinese Calendar, a new moon on January 30 at 11:20PST (listed as January 31st on most calendars) marks the start of the Year of the Wood Horse.  How does this play into the universe?  And more importantly, what does it mean for you?  We depart from the slower energy of 2013’s Water Snake, and launch into a period of fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance.  A hero in Chinese folklore, the Horse brings with him good fortune and luck.  Decisive action and high energy brings victory.  Production is rewarded!

Events move quickly though, so be sure not to gallop off in the wrong direction.  The Horse symbolizes nobility, class, swiftness and determination.  There is no midfield with the Horse’s fierce inspiration.

chinese zodiac  2014In Eastern philosophy, wood relates to green trees, which is why the cycle is sometimes referred to as the Year of the Green Horse.   The Horse is the strongest Fire animal of the 12 zodiac signs.  Since 2014 is year of Wooden Horse, Wood can help Fire to burn and last longer.   The last time the Wood Horse appeared was 60 years ago in 1954.

What does the Year of the Horse mean for you?  Check out your birth year below for more:

Paul Ng, a professional feng shui master based in Toronto, evaluates how the Chinese zodiac will affect us — from the global political climate to what the world’s health will look like in the coming months. And most importantly, he tells us how our birth sign will affect us in 2014.

green horseHorse: Born in 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918
The Year of the Horse means there is leadership linked with this sign this year, so your authority might grow. However, a horse’s hasty conduct can lead to irresponsibility, so take caution when gambling and/or fielding speculations.
Work: Those in positions of authority will do well, but unstable businesses, like the stock market, should be avoided.
Wealth: Don’t anticipate making a great deal money, and appreciate the revenue you do have coming to you.
Relationships: There won’t be a lot of excitement in your love life this year.  If you’re engaged, you might want to postpone your marriage until the following year.
Health: Watch your health this year — you could tired and can catch bugs easily. Make physical exercise and rest an important part of your life.

goat3Sheep or Goat: Born in 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931, 1919
This is a “linking” year for you. Benefit from your good relationships with other people, especially if you’re a male sheep.
Work: Those who work in the automobile industry, analysis, public relations, entertainment, surgery, and police work should expect to do well this year.
Wealth: Anticipate stability, with a slender growth in income this year. Streamline your investment portfolio.
Relationships: You’ll be loved this year, in fact, watch out for love triangles. If you’re married, make sure to exhibit lots of fondness to your partner.
Health: You’ll be healthier this year than last, but watch out for minor accidents. Drive protectively and take your time.

monkeyMonkey: Born in 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, 1920
It’s important for the monkey to widen their reach–either travelling or moving–to increase success this year.
Work: Businesses that are good include areas based around movement—sales, marketing, travel, education, law, and finances.

Wealth: Money is poised to be good, including prospects for promotions and strong investment returns.
Relationships: If you’re single, this won’t be a promising time for finding love, but those who are married should feel assured in the continuance of their bond.
Health: Your overall health is good; but like the goat, be careful of accidents especially when driving.

roosterRooster: Born in 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, 1933, 1921
This is revving up to be an extensive year for roosters. There are many opportunities for work and business, but your personal relationships could be unstable. Rely on friends for support.
Work: You do better outside an office than inside.  Look for positions in police work, law and politics.
Wealth: Be cautious with your money—don’t gamble this year.
Relationships: There’s love headed your way, but look out for struggles in your relationships. Take a moment to think things over before continuing to quarrel or it could end.
Health: Small accidents could be an concern for you, and be aware of your heart and lungs.

dogDog: Born in 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922
This is a lucky year for dogs. Everything from work and funds to relationships are on the upswing.
Work: Work within your innate creativity–the arts, music, architecture and writing. Even theater, TV and movies are great for you.
Wealth: Use instincts, rather than logic, rule when building an investment portfolio — it will help keep your money secure.
Relationships: Consider proposing if you haven’t already. If married, express more love toward your partner. Be humble when relating with others.
Health: Enjoy your good health, but be careful of overindulging.

pigBoar or Pig: Born in 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, 1935, 1923
You’ll need energy at the start but be prepared for a great year— you’ll cultivate friends, experience breakthroughs and be supported in business.
Work: Good environments for you–metaphysics, religion, public relations, human resources, media and politics.
Wealth: Money will be secure for you this year, but don’t wager or invest in speculative markets.
Relationships: Nothing exciting, but nothing bad here either.  Your relationships stay flat but stable.
Health: You’ll feel better than last year.  Even if you do become ill, you’ll recuperate swiftly.

red ratRat: Born in 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924
The rat is in opposition this year, so this could mean losing some money.  Still, the rat sign is generally lucky, which will aid in keeping you out of trouble.
Work: Show business is great for you, including things like pageants and the arts.

Wealth: If not greedy, you’ll hang onto your money. Stay away from gambling though.

Relationships: Be quiet and patient this year.  If not, many of your relationships will involve arguments and conflict.
Health: Be sure to get lots of exercise and rest.  Body areas to watch for: the lungs, kidney and waist.

oxOx: Born in 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937, 1925
The ox is in conflict with the horse, which could mean arguments with other people.  However, the ox is a sign of authority, which potentially means promotions.
Work: Good environments include politics, the army or police work, where a promotion might be waiting for you. But watch out for enemies.
Wealth: Don’t expect a lot of money, but your income is proportional to your authority level.
Relationships: There isn’t a lot of romance expected for you this year. Be patient with the people in your life.
Health: Your health is fine, just watch out for small accidents.

tiger1Tiger: Born in 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926
This should be a good year for tigers. Be on the lookout for luck, joy, romance, spirituality and learning opportunities.
Work: You’ll do well in businesses that have to do with medicine (particularly surgery),  the military, teaching, and philosophy. If you’re self-employed, expand your business.
Wealth: This will be a year of financial stability.
Relationships: Romance is in the air. If the opportunity arises, consider marriage. If you’re married though, be wary of temptation and extramarital affairs.
Health: Watch out for accidents, and be especially careful around sharp objects.

rabbitRabbit: Born 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, 1927
This is a year of romance, controversy, and lots of happiness. Just be watchful about your non-romantic relationships with others.
Work: Entertainment, speaking and sales all suit you — mental work is better for you than physical.
Wealth: This year the more you work, the more you’ll make.
Relationships: Romantic entanglements await, but watch out for love triangles.
Health: There’s a minor concern about sharp objects, so be mindful.

orange dragonDragon: Born in 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928
This will be a good year for dragons, as horses and dragons together have great energy. Also, health and wealth abound.
Work: You’ll do well in surgery and the military, as well as spirituality—philosophy and religion.

Wealth: Trust your intuition on investments.  You would do well in travel or trading businesses.
Relationships: Not a particularly romantic year for dragons.
Health: You have a general tendency towards accidents, but, you’ll be very healthy this year.

blue snakeSnake: Born in 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929
Last year was a year of conflict for the snake, so this year is a money year.
Work: Since this is your money year, finance and the stocks work well for you. Entertainment is another good area.
Wealth: Both your fixed and speculative incomes look good.
Relationships: If single, think about marriage.  If already hitched, be sure to express love toward your partner.
Health: You’re prone to colds and flus this year so keep your immune system boosted.  Exercise and get plenty of rest.

Whatever your sign and prediction, be sure to make the most of your year!