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2016 Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Monkey


February 2016


2016: Year of the Fire Monkey

Fasten your seatbelt! According to https://www.horoscope.com, February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017 — the Year of the Fire Monkey – brings the assertive and spontaneous energy of Fire to join the Monkey’s jubilant, curious, and innovative nature. Monkey, Rat, and Dragon natives nearly have to be nailed down in this exciting time. Opportunities and encouragement are everywhere. Big dreams are within grasp. This year’s energy ignites heated rivalry. Detailed preparation attracts success. Be prepared to work vigorously and stand up for what you deserve. The powerful March 8 Solar Eclipse inspires and affects many in a positive way, particularly Rabbit, Goat, and Pig natives, to dust off old dreams and reevaluate what’s possible. The more willing you are to courageously reconsider your comfort zone, make new friends, and put yourself out there, the better your returns, as the confident and impulsive Fire power meets the Monkey’s happy, inquisitive, and inventive nature. Check below to see how the year’s outlook can work to your benefit and for more detailed readings, go to https://www.horoscope.com.



Your animal’s year, is lucky for you, clear and straightforward. A Monkey with definite goals for the future set in February will enjoy greater achievement by year’s end. Fire can make you anxious. Be prepared for delays, or the necessity to revise your tactics between March and August. Hard work and attentiveness to detail will draw opportunities. March 8 and September 1 are important dates for any new start. Fire energy encourages exciting ideas and fervent confrontations. Expect surprising turns of fortune come October. Teamwork supports your interests. Displaying confidence and humility gets you noticed.



In the Year of Fire Monkey, the Rooster in a solid position to inspire others. March 8 is your power day for creating any fresh start. The Rooster represents rules, order, and common sense. You shine by upholding and sustaining these structures, particularly from March through August. Pioneering Monkey years can be stressful. It may seem that those around you are more irresponsible than usual. Monkey increases your ability to, organize, improvise, and prioritize, especially from October through January 2017. You’ll find diplomacy, teamwork, and an inclination to compromise will invite more opportunities than upholding the status quo.



The honest Dog enjoys an upsurge of self-assurance that elevates you into a natural leader during the year of the Monkey. The Dog radiates a positive energy others admire. This powerful magnetism makes a Dog unstoppable if you, or yours, are threatened. “Never met a problem I cannot overcome”… this kind of Monkey energy has the Dog bolting this way and that. You’ll be full of creative ideas and solutions, not all of which will be effective. Older guides will be especially helpful in steering your choices. March 8 and September 1 are Dog’s power days for a fresh start.



The year of the Fire Monkey for the Pig imparts an abundance of blessings on the sensual, honest, and strong-willed person born under this sign. Your determination, emotions, and yearnings are stronger than ever. You may feel as the year begins that anything is possible, and it is. The Monkey helps you pursue your dreams with a refusal to stop that puts others to shame. In a year when Monkey tricks are all around, the Pig will more easily recognize who is honest and who is not. March 8 and September 1 are both power days for a Pig to set a goal or make any fresh start.



The Rat and Monkey are great friends so teamwork and innovative ideas will open possibilities. Your well-deserved status as someone worthy of respect persists and grows. The March 8 New Moon/Total Eclipse can be a crossroads that demands a choice. Ambitious goals may stall in June. Rat natives may need to concede to what’s unfolding. Noticeable roadblocks are necessary teachings to help create a better future. By August some of your highest hopes seem more probable. Be flexible October through December as Monkey ingenuity ignites some real breakthroughs.



Ox and Monkey are opposite signs so the Ox will see periodic delays and unexpected challenges this year. The Monkey strengthens the Ox’s reliability, integrity, and independence. You’ll be impressive as Fire increases your already considerable confidence. Be malleable and amenable toward whatever comes your direction. Others’ shortcuts, schemes, deflections, and complications and appear with a Monkey year. Ox’s fixed element, Water, has authority over Fire. Have faith in yourself not go overboard or get crazy. Cautious good sense helps the Ox measure ideas matching to their practical applications. You’ll know the difference between friendly fantasy and life-transforming inspiration.



A Tiger’s roar and fearsome influence are on show this year. A Tiger enjoying a Monkey influence has amplified his or her charms and fortitude to win. You’ll eat challenges for lunch, and then come back for more. It’s your year to boldly carry out plans to save the world. March 8 and September 1 are particularly powerful days for any fresh start. It’s also an outstanding year for travel, if you’re interested. Joining forces with compatible friends will help give you a sense of proportion and outlook.



This year promises Rabbits an extra share of good luck, along with a few surprises. Popular Rabbits are known for their respectable manners and self-discipline. Chinese astrology considers your sign a luck magnet. No matter the task, have faith you’ll land on your feet. Rabbit’s calm exterior covers a complicated inner life. With the super-confident Monkey whispering in your ear, you may be tempted to excesses. Your best success will come through hard work and stamina in the face of frustration. Things really start to flow in your direction after the September 22 Equinox.



The Dragon and Monkey are great friends so with the Monkey energy in play, everything about the Fire-loving Dragon will be enhanced. Keep domineering tendencies in check or you may impair yourself, especially near the energy -packed March 8 Total Eclipse. Even magnificent ideas need teamwork to succeed. Luckily, the lively Monkey is nothing if not practical. With the Monkey helping, you’ll see things with more clarity. After some delays through July and August you’ll begin to sense you have really turned a corner after the September 1 New Moon. After that, delight in the ride!



For the snake, this Monkey year encourages you to be a nicer, gentler person. No matter how tightly coiled you feel, you’ll give the impression of calm… and that’s highly attractive to others. Snake’s ruling element, Fire, in a Fire year, means it’s time for a personal makeover. Monkey eases your guarded self-reliance. You’ll discover real gratification in opening up to people. The ambitious Monkey is practical like you, but much more outgoing. As part of a working unit, especially in the second half of the year, dreams actually can come true.



Horse natives will be especially dynamic and inventive this year. The March 8 Eclipse is your power day for new beginnings or a commitment to build a better future. Almost instantaneously after this, the Horse will be challenged to be persevering and mature when facing delays or frustrations over which you have little control. The Fire Monkey helps you control your temper and impatience. If you persevere and refuse to quit, things will open up by September 1. Expect the last quarter of the year to be especially rewarding!



This year, goats will have less reason to worry and any disappointments will seem more manageable. Busy Monkey cuts through vulnerable feelings with a flurry of forward-thinking, practical ideas. Your growing confidence and optimism opens doors and attracts new friends. March 8 and September 1 are especially lucky days to ask for help or start something new. Goats hate impulsive decisions, yet the quickness of Fire years requires more spontaneous thinking on your part. October may be particularly challenging… remember that a calm mind eases stress and brings health benefits as well.

How does your year ahead look?  Has anything happened so far, to confirm your Chinese Horoscope?

I’d love to hear your experiences or thoughts!


The Chinese Symbol for Double Happiness

doublehappiness2 “Double Happiness” is a popular Chinese character.   The symbol is a favorite sign that represents love, happiness and good luck.  Prominently displayed at weddings,, you can find it everywhere – invitations, the cake, table decorations and even wrapping paper! It’s often represented in  paper cut outs  as well as on red pieces of paper.   Like many facets of Chinese culture, there’s a tale behind its origins.

 During the ancient Tang Dynasty, a young boy was travelling towards the capital to attend a national final exam.  If he did well, he would be selected as a minister in the courts.  On the way to his exam he suddenly fell ill  and was taken into a house where an herbalist and his daughter lived.  The boy recovered quickly with the herbs that the herbalist and his daughter had given him.

While there, he had fell very much in love with the herbalist’s daughter.  When he left, the herbalist’s daughter wrote part of a couplet for the young boy:   “Green trees against the sky in the spring rain while the sky set off the spring trees in the obscuration.”  He promised to come back to her after his examination.

The boy took the exam and passed.  He received the highest score!  The emperor then tested and interviewed the winners.  The boy was asked to finish  a couplet, which needed a right part to finish.  As the emperor wrote “Red flowers dot the land in the breeze’s chase while the land colored up in red after the kiss.” The boy realized that the herbalist’s daughter’s part fit ideally with this.  Without hesitation, the boy answered with the girl’s couplet.  The pleased emperor made the young boy the minister of the court.  As part of the reward, the emperor allowed the boy to visit his hometown before assuming office.  The boy then met with the girl and told her the emperor’s couplet.  They then married.

On their wedding day, the couple both doubled the Chinese character of happy to express their delight.   From then on, it became a social custom.

What are the symbols in your life that represent happiness?