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2018 – What Will the Year of the Dog Bring?

January 2018

What’s Ahead for 2018 — The Year of the Dog


Happy New Year!  The Chinese New Year 2018 starts on February 16, 2018.  It’s the Year of the Dog – a time to show tolerance and empathy towards people.

Want to quit smoking?  Start a new venture?  Change your place of residence?  2018 would be a great time to explore such lifestyle transformations.  Know, however, that the year of the Earth Dog also brings brief periods of alone time, which will cause short-term despondency for some, while others will discover its nourishing benefits.

Those with strong Earth elements in their Chinese life horoscope, will enjoy a unique steadiness through 2018.  This stability will allow you to organize your life – both personally and professionally — more assuredly and effectively.

5 elements of Chinese Astrology (wood, fire, earth, metal, air) and the Wu Xing principals inform us that Earth creates Metal. To gain positive achievement, it’s best to practice camaraderie throughout this year, so that the honorable and honest Earth Dog energy can be transformed into material and spiritual prosperity.

The impulses and peculiarities of last year’s Rooster are now long gone. In fact, Dog Years do not condone frivolous or excessive expenses. Realization this year — in love and in work — depends largely on the quality of people’s ability to communicate with one another. Understanding and a selflessness towards one another will reap humanity’s best harvest.

What changes and adventures will you create this year?

Next month we’ll explore 2018 and how the Year of The Dog individually affects each of the 12 horoscopes.



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