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2018 – What Will the Year of the Dog Bring?

January 2018

What’s Ahead for 2018 — The Year of the Dog


Happy New Year!  The Chinese New Year 2018 starts on February 16, 2018.  It’s the Year of the Dog – a time to show tolerance and empathy towards people.

Want to quit smoking?  Start a new venture?  Change your place of residence?  2018 would be a great time to explore such lifestyle transformations.  Know, however, that the year of the Earth Dog also brings brief periods of alone time, which will cause short-term despondency for some, while others will discover its nourishing benefits.

Those with strong Earth elements in their Chinese life horoscope, will enjoy a unique steadiness through 2018.  This stability will allow you to organize your life – both personally and professionally — more assuredly and effectively.

5 elements of Chinese Astrology (wood, fire, earth, metal, air) and the Wu Xing principals inform us that Earth creates Metal. To gain positive achievement, it’s best to practice camaraderie throughout this year, so that the honorable and honest Earth Dog energy can be transformed into material and spiritual prosperity.

The impulses and peculiarities of last year’s Rooster are now long gone. In fact, Dog Years do not condone frivolous or excessive expenses. Realization this year — in love and in work — depends largely on the quality of people’s ability to communicate with one another. Understanding and a selflessness towards one another will reap humanity’s best harvest.

What changes and adventures will you create this year?

Next month we’ll explore 2018 and how the Year of The Dog individually affects each of the 12 horoscopes.




2017: Year of the Rooster

January 2017

Will 2017 have you crowing? The year of the Rooster begins January 28th and is led by development, integrity, and people learning to soothe their fervor.  See what’s in store for you by matching your birth year to your Chinese Horoscope predictions!


1933  1945  1957  1969  1981  1993  2005  2017  2029

This is your year — relish it! Even though there may be some challenges, your love of life and your self-confidence will be of great assistance. Roosters are detailed, organized and courageous.  You enjoy expressing your opinions. Businesses seek you out as you are one of the best and most trusted organizers and managers.  Diplomatically, you are straightforward and always up for discussions.

Romance   April and May are your best months.  If single, you may meet someone who will become important in your life; if you already have a partner, you get along so well that you might go on a trip. Partnerships become more complex in June and July so take time to improve communication skills.

Work  Your ambition awakens in the year of the Rooster. Be more conciliatory and diplomat than usual and you will enhance your professional post. If you are asked to get a specialization, go for it because your efforts will be rewarded, including the possibility of a promotion. If you want a change in activity, the end of the spring and the summer is the best time to make a move. The end of the year will be a good time to conclude projects that you especially cherish.

Money From January to June, handle your budget with more finesse by seeking professional guidance. Your finances improve in the summer and peak during autumn.


1922  1934, 1946, 1958  1970  1982  1994  2006  2018  2030

Faithful, discreet and honest, those born under the Dog sign are the most loved and respected sign of the calendar. A natural lawyer, you objectively plead any cause. You champion fairness and justice.  Luck is on your side and helps you fulfill your aspirations. But take note, you will proceed one step at a time.

Romance From January through June, romance is pleasant and agreeable.  If single, prepare for life as a couple. If you already have a partner, life together will be happy.   Be careful during the summer — don’t make things worse and don’t provoke discord as the situation is at risk of becoming worse than you had thought. Harmony returns in autumn. If single, you could discover your soul mate by the year’s end.

Work Luck will back up your efforts for a good part of the year. Until August, your initiatives have high chances to succeed. Don’t hesitate to get involved in big projects. But be careful: during the autumn, the climate threatens to change completely. Luck is no longer on your side and you will have to carefully think twice about anything you might undertake, so that you don’t get in trouble. Fortunately, this delicate period will not last too long and obstacle will start to disappear by the end of the year.

Money The year 2017 announces stability on the financial level. Your incomes will exceed your expenses and you will be able to sleep peacefully. Take advantage of this favorable climate in order to manage more carefully everything that you earn. During the summer you can make some interesting investments and in July you can even make a little excess without the risk of damaging your financial balance.


1923  1935  1947  1959, 1971  1983  1995  2007  2019  2031

The boar is honest, determined and brave, though on the surface, they can appear a bit rough. You are generous and will share your money with others if you needed, but you expect the same from others. You’re typically calm and tolerate a lot of nonsense. Since you hate fighting, you would rather give in. 2017 is focused on work. You have powerful aspirations to be noticed and if you work hard, you’ll succeed.

Romance Peace and quiet oversees those who are married. If single, prepare for a restless year. With the advent of spring, singles could meet a person that will capture their heart. If that happens, you will be able to consolidate this relationship during the summer.  Come autumn, the relationship may falter some. If still single at year’s end, you may encounter a deep soulful connection.

Work You’re extremely motivated at work and fully involved in your projects.  Even if there are hurdles in March, success will still shine through. For those seeking to make a change professionally, spring through the end of the year will be the most auspicious time. Don’t hesitate to go for that dream — there are strong opportunities for success.

Money Watch your expenses at beginning of the year. Money matters improve closer to spring, but don’t discount common sense. Be relaxed, but sensible. Come autumn, your finances recover.


1924  1936  1948  1960  1972  1984  1996  2008  2020

You like to surround yourself with close relatives and friends. Although you’re generally happy, you’re also restless, and your apparent calm is never a sure thing. And just as well, as you can become brash.  2017 holds great promise for you, with professional challenges and positive financial opportunities.

Romance The year of the Rooster makes you wiser. Instead of the seduction game, you seek stability and safety in love. For couples, this is advantageous. If dating, and very much in love, you could decide to exchange vows this year. If not attached, a surprising encounter could change your life. Note: during spring, unexpected pressures could corrupt your love.  Communicate with an open heart to restore harmony.

Work Success is present even though you’ll be working harder the beginning and end of the year. Make extra effort and take on more responsibility. Spring is extremely favorable so make yourself known. Autumn may bring, some misunderstandings, but the year will end on a high note.

Money  Here is where you will achieve the most. You will start the year determined to manage your finances better. You’ll find solutions and make profitable investments. You’ll benefit from your in the second half of the year when your earnings increase.


1913  1925  1937  1949  1961  1973   1985  1997  2009  2021

If you are an Ox, you are brave and hard-working. You are devoted to friends and family and inspire admiration and respect in the workplace. You often hold positions of responsibility as you are trustful and keep your promises.  You may be awkward when it comes to love, but you will never disappoint your partner.  Luck, confidence and positive energy, makes this one of your best years.

Romance Temptation is powerful, particularly at the start of the year. Only when summer arrives will your partner be able to sleep calmly.

Work Work will move quickly but the outcome will be positive   The beginning of the year is the most auspicious time if you are looking to change careers.

Money The beginning of the year will be okay, but you will really see benefits from an increased income once spring arrives. From that point, thanks to your determination and your boost of luck, your finances will improve..


1914  1926  1938, 1950  1962  1974  1986, 1998  2010  2022

As a Tiger, you are seen as daring, impulsive, powerful, and someone who inspires respect, admiration and fear, but not always other people’s trust. An honest and affectionate type, you enjoy the spotlight. In romance, you can become jealous and possessive.  But when it comes to true love, you give everything.  You like taking chances, but the Rooster’s influence makes you more prudent and better organized, which increases your chances of success this year.

Romance Balance in love could be tricky this year. Although you will have opportunities to be happy, your temperamental behavior could ruin things. You tend to think that there’s going something better around the next corner. If you’re single don’t overplay it with too many romances. You’ll become more reasonable during the summer and autumn brings an unexpected delight.

Work  Work will be the center of attention this year. You’re able to eliminate anything stays in your way, even if that requires tough decisions. Hardworking and innovative, you’ll succeed, no matter what line of work you’re in. Your talents are noted and you’ll benefit from a well-deserved promotion.

Money Luck is with you, provided you shun the hurried choices that, as a tiger, you are prone to make. Don’t spend too much and don’t make risky investments. If you govern your finances sensibly, you’ll soon enjoy favorable results, especially during the spring and end of the year, when you may receive some unexpected income.


1915  1927  1939  1951  1963  1975  1987  1999  2011  2023

You’re surrounded by good luck. Generally, you seem to know more than you say which gives you the freedom of movement and helps you to resolve your own business. No matter the situation, you always land on your feet.  The diplomatic and discreet Rabbit will be take the stage in 2017!

Romance Married or single, happiness awaits you. If you are single, spring opens the door to find your ideal mate and the possibility of marriage by end of the year.

Work  Although the beginning of the year fills you with the impression that you are not being appreciated for your genuine worth, relax, as you will soon be commended and maybe even offered a promotion. This will lift your spirits and motivate you will dedicate yourself with a real success. A surprising career opportunity may appear during the spring or the summer.

Money You have a great opportunity to improve your income, but, at the same time, you may spend just as much. Be watchful of impulses if you want to stabilize your finances.


1916  1928  1940  1952  1964  1976  1988  2000  2012  2024

The Dragon is the guardian of wealth and power, and the most prosperous sign. You’re known to be sincere, proud and tenacious. You do not tolerate lies and gossip. As a Dragon, you believe you are destined to lead with a powerful sense of duty.  This year, your dream of being different from the rest of the crowd comes true  — you’ll receive lots of attention.  Your love life will also be strong.

Romance If married, pleasant moments await you — the year brings you tenderness and passion. If single, you’ll be walking on clouds in the beginning of the year, which will unleash your optimism and confidence.  Finding harmony with your partner, you’ll soon express your desire to make your relationship official.

Work You’ll have ample opportunities to receive recognition all year long. You know how to present what you’re capable of and you’ll receive recognition from your professional community, which could lead to an important promotion. Expect to have a lot of work in the future and don’t worry as it’ll also bring great satisfaction. To avoid jealousy, be modest amongst your peers.

Money During the first months, difficulties could appear on the financial level. Try to spend less.  Starting April, your money situation will improve.  Luck will be on your side once again. However, stay cautious and sidestep risky investments and unnecessary expenses. If you stay reasonable, autumn produces a comfortable stability.


1917  1929  1941, 1953  1965  1977  1989  2001  2013  2025

As a Snake, you’re prone to be deep, mysterious and tend to trust their own thinking.  You’re a quick learner and prudent when it comes to business.   The Rooster increases your professional ambition. You will aim high, supported by your impressive work capacity. You will succeed in everything you do.

Romance Diverse landscape for your romances is predicted. The beginning of the year is going to be beneficial to the married Snakes, but by the end of the spring a period of crises and misunderstandings might begin. You will have to wait for the end of August before feelings come back to normal. For singles, the beginning of the year could prove to be pretty plain. But starting April, things will suddenly unlock and you might have an important meeting. However, this chance goes away during the summer and only the end of the autumn will bring you happiness.

Work Your qualities are important: a sharp ambition and a great capacity to sustain constant efforts. The favorable periods will follow all year long, with an extra in February when you will be given the chance to make an important decision. The same will happen in March and April and also in July. May might be less delicate, with hard to make decisions and in June and unpredicted obstacles that will force you to work harder.

Money This year is characterized by improvement. During February-March, chance is on your side. This is the best moment to ask for a raise or to invest in something. The rest of the year will be balanced, overall. You will prove to be prudent and you will rather protect your savings than spend them.


1918  1930  1942  1954  1966  1978  1990  2002  2014  2026

If you’re a horse native, you’re a confident and joyous person. You are hard-working and intelligent, you’re capable to lead people and they will not stop until they finish what they are working on. You believe in progress and new ideas and you’ll use all your qualities to the fullest. You’re a quick thinker and can improvise anything once you’ve made the decision to move forward.  You like jobs that require movement. For 2017, don’t relax just yet: by rolling up your sleeves, luck is going to be by your side, especially in the work place.

Romance The beginning of the year is going to be like a second honey moon for couples. You will swim in happiness. If single, you’ll have varied phases. Be careful not to attach to people too easily, as it may end up feeling like trapped-relationship. Romance is more favorable during May-June when you meet a special person who could turn all your plans around. If that doesn’t happen, you may engage in several short-term relationships that will make you as happy as you can be.

Work Full caution until April is recommended. Undertake challenges, but only honest ones.  Beginning in May and through autumn, your work situation improves. Obstacles are removed and you move ahead. Be discreet regarding your achievements as you don’t want to make others envy you.

Money The Rooster advances you on the financial level. You will be able to significantly improve your situation. Investments, even riskier ones are favored in February or in mid-April. The end of April, as well as May and June seem to be less favorable, so it is advisable to be prudent. Once the summer begins, your financial situation will be protected. Autumn brings you important opportunities.


1919  1931  1943  1955  1967  1979  1991  2003  2015  2027

If you’re a Goat, you’re honest, generous and pure of character. Because of this, you have tremendous luck and powerful people protect you.  Renewal, challenges, surprising events are what the year of the Rooster has in store for you. This is not the time for day-dreaming or being caught unaware.

Romance A happy atmosphere for couples all year long. In contrast, the future looks to be more complicated for singles. Your seductive powers intensify during the spring and love affairs won’t lack. But be careful as you risk stepping into a disagreeable journey come autumn. The end of the year brings an encounter that will turn you into a loyal lover for a long time.

Profession Potential for changes in your career this year. For some, a completely new endeavor may show up. But be wary as up until summer, the environment will vary from moments of zeal to more fragile times that are filled with worries and impediments. Wait until the second half of the year, when your ambitions is give you a boost. Your charm, your aspirations to succeed, and an influential dose of good luck will open prospects for you.

Money At the beginning of the year, your financial situation is murky, but, by the end of May your luck turns around Manage your budget with pragmatism and try to invest at least a small portion to elude worry.


1932 1944  1956  1968  1980  1992  2004  2016  2028

The wheel spins: since you’ve just enjoyed the benefits of your time, this year you’ll face some challenges, particularly in the areas of work and money. If you are a monkey, you possess a shining, intelligent and realist personality which will helps you to be successful in everything you do. You solve complicated problems with great ease, especially when you set your mind to it.

Romance The beginning of the year will be peaceful for couples. Be creative and daring and your partner will appreciate it. However, come summer, your relationship may undergo misunderstandings. Clarify the situation before it leads to a breaking up. If single, your charm is at full force. A notable meeting may appear in the spring or by the end of the summer. The last part of the year will be full in making decisions — marriage for some, for others, the question of children.

Work Up until June, the situation is promising for you:  your determination will be noticed and acknowledged.  Spring may bring some obstacles, but they are not serious ones. However, during summer these complications could worsen. Don’t give up – instead clarify the misunderstandings and, stay in rhythm. Everything will return to normal come autumn, and your goals will be accomplished, one at a time.

Money Finances are good at beginning of the year, with significant progress. It’s a great time to save or to invest, but in a responsible way. Starting April, some unpredicted monetary difficulties could appear. You will find resolution, but remain cautious: the summer and the autumn will be challenging.






Cultivate Spring’s Positive Energy


Cultivate Spring’s Positive Energy

springa96545Now that we’ve moved our clocks ahead by an hour, it’s time for our bodies to catch up!  Harnessing positive energy through the 4 easy ways below can help us join nature and renew our spirits at the same time.

Tap into spring’s energy of renewal and birth.  Cultivating positive energy is a great way to open yourself up for good things to come into your life as well as improve overall well-being and feel better too!  Here are 4 simple ways to create this energy around you, especially as winter gives way to spring:

  Best of all ~ Positive energy is contagious! 

Here are 4 simple ways to create this energy around you, especially as winter gives way to spring:

music_prayer1.  Listening to uplifting music is an easy way to move energy in a positive direction.  I coach my writers to listen to melodies while writing.It helps with concentration and gets their creative juices flowing.  Many artists have commented on how listening to music allows them lose all sense of time.
sunshine2.  Soaking in some sunshine is another simple way to become energized.  Fling open the blinds and/or curtains to your office and home.Better yet, take a walk while the sun is shining.  Studies have shown that 15 minutes of natural Vitamin D is a wonderful mood elevator.

flowers 3.  Envelop with yourself with uplifting scents and oxygenators.  Tap into spring’s vibrancy by bringing the outdoors inside.  Flowers can add a refreshing scent while indoor plants refresh a space.

surround_yourself_oprah24.  Like attracts like:  Cultivate friends who motivate, encourage and inspire you.  If they don’t, let them go.  As Oprah says:  “Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher.”

How do you cultivate and build positive energy?

Until next time,



Autumn ~ a Time For Transition

autumn-person umbrellaWith cooler days and leaves turning shades of orange and gold ~ we know that autumn is here.  It’s a season of transition, when nature shifts from the summer’s warmth, light and abundance to the cold, dark starkness of winter.

In Chinese medicine, autumn is linked with the metal element and the large intestine (yang) and lung (yin) organs. They are elegantly paired; one eliminates wastes, while the other receives chi (energy).  We let go of the old to make way for the new.

leaves droppingThe requirement to purge is reflected in nature. During autumn leaves drop, farmers clear off their land. We wear heavier clothing to stave off the cold; days are shorter.

The Chinese culture also looks at a person’s emotional or spiritual level.  Holding onto old beliefs, judgments and negative thoughts can pollute our speech, our relationships, and our basic sense of self worth. If we don’t let go of what is complete, we won’t be able to move on to the next phase.

just breatheMany ancient cultures, not just the Chinese, link inhalation with inspiration. The lungs manage our body’s protective energy, helping us to fend off the wind and cold that are accompany the seasonal change. When this energy is weak, colds and flus develop. More wind causes aridity: dry lungs, cough, and skin. The skin, known in Chinese medicine as the “third lung,” can fail in its capacity to eliminate, which can lead to acne, psoriasis or eczema.

The emotion associated with metal is grief and sadness. If there is a death, on any level, a suitable quantity of grieving should happen. Then, there is an appropriate time for the sorrow to end. If weeping lungs sigh too long, a person can become drained; and this leads to fatigue.

apple pearAutumn is a good time to cleanse the intestine. Look at your diet and eliminate unsupportive foods. Perhaps follow a simple detox cleanse to further aid elimination.

This season is also a good period to clean your house, eliminating what is no longer of importance. Trees shed their leaves, riding themselves of items no longer of use. Yet people will clutter their home to such an extent that they don’t even know how to find the things that are important to them. If you have trouble purging yourself of unnecessary belongings, hire a personal organizer to help.

Steps to consider during autumn:

  • Boost your exercise level — or any activity that increases your breath.
  • Consume foods that complement the seasonal change to go inward, especially as we head towards winter.  Such foods are often sour: pickles, vinegar, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Other such foods to consider:  yogurt, plums, apples, and rose hip tea. To fight the dryness try  barley, whole oats, millet, sweet potatoes and yams, seaweeds, almonds, pine nuts, eggs, persimmons and pears.
  • Hydrate — drink lots of water
  • Less is better — Let the shedding of autumn nourish the soul.


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Chinese Wedding — The Bride

Chinese BrideThe Chinese marriage is a revered ceremony.  The traditional event signifies the transition from childhood to adulthood.   The Chinese wedding dress one of the most important elements.  A “good luck woman” attends the preparation of the bride and speaks words of wisdom to her.

The style of the bridal dress varies in each region, but always includes the color red, which symbolizes good luck and guards against evil spirits.  It also indicates prosperity, joy and love.  You’ll rarely see dark colors as they denote sorrow and grief in the Chinese tradition.

Depending on the region, it can either be one or two pieces.  If you are a Chinese bride living in the North, you wear what it is called a “qi pao” or “cheongsam”, which is a form fitting, long, one-piece garment embroidered with elaborate gold and silver designs.  If you are a Chinese bride living in the South, you wear what is called a “hung qua”, which is a two-piece garment that consists of a long decorative jacket over a long embroidered skirt also elaborately decorated with the golden phoenix and dragon.

In extravagant situations, the bride wears a crown-like headdress, often made of silver and decorated with pearls and feathers.  This adornment may also feature a red silk veil which covers the bride’s face as she makes the transition coming from her family’s home to her husband’s home.  In the previous generations, the bride would wear this veil to cover her face for the entire ceremony.   The newlyweds do not see each other until the night of their wedding.

Before the wedding, the bride bathes in water infused with pomelo or pomegranate leaves.  The Good Luck Lady performs the hair combing ceremony, known as “shutou” to further bless the bride with luck for a bountiful union.The four bridal comb blessings include: (1) First combing ensures that bride and groom will be together all their lives, (2) Second combing brings harmony to the marriage, (3) Third combing blesses the couple with many children and grandchildren, (4) Fourth combing is a blessing for longevity.

What cultural traditions do you like to include in your wedding?

Until next time,